About Our Family

Southside is a Christ-centered community of faith. We are a family of Christians committed to following Jesus. We exist to call people to God, and we believe that God is fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ; therefore, we desire to see all people transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus.  

Southside is a non-denominational community of faith that is not affiliated with a central governing body or a denominational convention.  We view "Church of Christ" as a descriptor rather than a denominational title.  We are a church that belongs to Christ.  This does not mean that we do not have a heritage of faith.  We come from a movement of non-denominational Christianity often referred to as the "Stone-Campbell" movement.  The movement was first and foremost a unity movement that sought to bring all Christ-followers together for the common purpose of better serving Christ's mission in the world.

Southside is a mission-minded community of faith.  One of the beautiful things about our non-denominational heritage is that each local church is autonomous.  This means that each church and her leaders are responsible for discerning the context in which God has placed us.  Southside is called to be a faithful local church that responds to her Northwest Arkansas context with a proper missional stance.  Being a faithful church here will look different than being a faithful church in Northern California, or Upstate New York, or rural Arkansas.  At Southside, we are always assessing our context and trying to adjust our life to meet the missional needs of our time and place in God's world. We believe our non-denominational structure is uniquely suited to help us better serve God's mission and meet congregational needs. 

Southside is a bible-centered community of faith.  Another beautiful aspect of our heritage is the recognition that Jesus is the Logos - the Word.  The Scriptures, therefore, always point us to Jesus.  The Restoration Movement is often described as a "back to the bible movement."  We cherish this history and we take it seriously.  However, we do not claim to have the sole corner on biblical truth.  N.T. Wright says, ... the genius of Christianity is that each generation has to think it through afresh.  Christian faith has never been something that one generation can sort out in such a way as to leave their successors with no work to do."  This is true, and Southside is devoted to the never-ending task of assessing our life and faith in light of God's Word:  Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture.  

Southside is a worshiping community of faith.  Worship is what we are designed for.  Worship might be defined as responding to God's gracious love with sacrificial abandonment and glad praise.  We believe worship is multi-layered.  First, worship involves all of life.  Worship in this sense involves the daily renewal of our minds and hearts by sacrificing our own desires for God's own desires.  The closer attention we pay to Scripture and Jesus Christ, the more we are attuned to God's desires.  So we are especially devoted to a second aspect of worship - corporate worship.  Southside has corporate worship every Sunday morning at 10 am.  We value this communal gathering as fundamentally important for our life and faith.  It is here that we commemorate the life, death and resurrection of our Lord in Communion.  It is here that we are transformed by participating in God-exalting worship.  It is here that we sacrificially give of our wealth to share in God's mission.  It is here that we pray for one-another and bear one-another's burdens and joys.  It is here that we celebrate God's victory over sin and death and call one-another to faithful living.  It is here that we honor one-another as image-bearers of the living God. It is here, that we worship.

Southside is a community of faith that is devoted to at least these four core-values:  Love, Serve, Seek, & Teach.  In all we do we strive to Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and body and to Love others as we Love ourselves.  In all we do we strive to Serve one-another and the world around us, imitating Jesus Christ with our lives.  In all we do we strive to Seek God and pursue his will for our individual and common lives.  In all we do we strive to Teach each other and the world around us about the beauty and abundance of life offered to us in following Jesus and pursuing His kingdom.

Finally, Southside welcomes you!  No matter how much we write about "Who We Are" it won't quite capture who we really are.  To know us better, come visit us!  No matter who you are, or where you come from, what you have done, or what you haven't done - YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!