Community Garden


Dixie Oak Garden

So in the last week the garden has (still!) continued to produce lovely things like:

            • Tomatoes (so many varieties!)
            • Basil (there’s so much!—please come take some!)
            • Bell Peppers (we even have purple ones—cool!)
            • Jalapeño & banana peppers
            • Green beans & Okra…yum!
            • Pumpkins!  (So this might have been a mistake of planting too early or maybe just growing a lot, I don’t know, but they are ready! J)


 The newly planted corn is now knee-high and looking strong.

The potatoes….well, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.  There ARE some potato plants coming up, but not all of them and those that are growing are getting eaten…but sometimes you are just happy that you have a thriving ecosystem right around you

Speaking of ecosystems…we have bees!!!  And yes this is a GOOD thing because bees are pollinators—they make the plants grow even better.  Isn’t he beautiful?!


Among the corn Grant and Drew Fowler planted some lettuces, peas and turnips.  They are sprouting up strong and looking good for harvest in a few weeks.


Coming events:


Purple Hull Peas will be ready to harvest now!

Sweet Potatoes!!  They are some of my favorites so I’m super excited about this harvest time.

All of the things listed at the beginning are still producing strong as well.  Especially the okra needs to be harvested often—come harvest if you want!

Be looking forward to:  Tree planting!  As we said, we are hoping to plant some fruit trees around the garden so that will be happening soon!


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